Eating Out in Berlin; My Foodie Experience

As you know from my last post, Berlin wasn’t completely my cup of tea. But the variety and quality of food in the city really is as a good as they all say, especially if you know where to go.

There is everything available for a top foodie experience, from high-end restaurants to a bountiful of cheap Asian bites and if you can quiz a local than even better. We didn’t head to the best of the lists but if you are looking for some honest recommendations, then read on.

Note – don’t go to Berlin to eat national cuisine, German food is not what makes the city so delicious. If you want to get all ‘authentic’ then a beer and a sausage is a good combo but Currywurst? Ew, no.

A bottle of beer with a hot dog with ketchup and mustard

Nola’s am Weinburg

On our first night we headed to Nola’s am Weinburg, a Swiss style chalet in the middle of a park serving dreamy rich cheese fondue. There isn’t much on the menu apart from cheese but if like me you could get your cheese on all day everyday, then come on down to Nola’s.

The venue is darling and the paired wine is divine. Make sure to order a side salad (with the most delicious of dressings) and potatoes to mix it up).

A dark restaurant lit by cube lampshades


A red fondue pot with bread covered in cheese sauce

Berlin; 5 Things I Loved and 5 Things I Didn't

The fondue set even comes with a plate of additional extras including chopped garlic and a shot of Kirsh, to be used to personalise the flavour of your melted cheese.


Two glasses on a plate and a small glass bowl

A hand holding the stem of a wine glass, lit by candlelight

Ha An Sushi

The next evening we met with an old school friend of mine who took us to one of her favourite Vietnamese and sushi spots where we sat outdoors drinking bottles of white over a humongous tray of sushi. It was some of the best food I’ve had, including a warm crispy coated roll that was faultlessly delicious. It was a steal at just €25 euros each for 3 bottles of wine, sushi for 3 and a hot beef noodle dish.


A large circular plate of sushi


Chopsticks holding a piece of sushi


Even our hotel, the Crowne Plaza, surprised us with its food. Wilson’s, although an ‘old school’ looking restaurant, served some of the best steak I’ve had. Laura and I both ordered the English Cut, three thinly sliced pieces of US prime rib as the menu told us. I’ve never seen so much meat, apart from when its still on the actual cow. As the cloche was lifted, I genuinely think my jaw dropped before a bit of dribble came out. It was god damn juicy and the vegetable and potato gratin sides were just as surprisingly good.

A piece of pink steak

Eating Out in Berlin; My Foodie Experience

Anna Blume Cafe 

The next day we went out in search of a hangover-curing brunch, finding a seat at the talked about Anna Blume. The corner cafe is known for being Berlin’s most ‘instagrammable’ brunch spot but I can honestly say it was the f’ing weirdest lunch I’ve ever had. And not in a good way. Laura and I both ordered one of their ‘mixed compositions’ which were basically plates of strange food combinations and soggy cold pancake rolls. Trust me, pear and sundried tomatoes should never be neighbours.

A wooden table with several plates of food, a basket of break and teapot


Slightly disheartened we came across a lovely looking cafe called Ako. This was more like it.

The exterior of Ako. The main building white, with a dark green blue colour on the bottom.

A large chalk board displaying a menu above a black coffee bar

Cosy seating and cute decor, a backdrop for a warm waffle and Earl Grey scone, and the cutest looking cappuccino I’ve ever seen.

A small blue bowl of frothy milk and small dish of brown sugar cubes

A white plate with icing sugar covered waffle and colourful fresh fruit.

A menu on a wooden clip board on the left and to the right a large scone with small ramekin of strawberry jam

Hotel Adlon

Another great spot for a relaxed drink and people watching is the famous Hotel Adlon. A restored luxury hotel, the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Franklin Roosevelt and Albert Einstein all stayed here during the roaring twenties.

The outdoor cafe serves perfectly whipped coffees and luscious looking cakes to enjoy to the view of the Brandenburg Gate.

Blue sky with a large green roofed building with flags

A dark burgundy succulent with a coffee to the left hand side


Our food journey ended with a trip to Berlin’s ‘must-go-to’ joint, ‘Burgermeister’, located in a century year old toilet. No jokes.

A long green sign showing burgermeister in old style writing, show underneath a metal bridge

Eating Out in Berlin; My Foodie Experience

The queues are worth the wait. If you want to do Berlin right, do it with a beer and an insanely saucy burger.

Have you been to Berlin? I’d love to know what you foodie experience was like!


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