New Year; Happier, Healthier Me.

I hate that term ‘new year, new you’. What was so wrong with the ‘old’ you that it needs a complete revamp? Unless on New Year’s Eve you were released from prison… or rehab… I think it’s a little demoralising.

And why the f does it all have to kick off on January 1st?

That day *cough, week* is for having a Baileys/potatoes/meat hangover, getting through the bag of Christmas chocolate and answering the ‘how was your Christmas?!’ question a dozen times. It was Christmassy, thanks.

Ok. Moan over.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about self-improvement – this year WILL be the year that I switch my camera off auto – but if there’s anything I’ve learnt from 2017’s year of ‘hey you, you are enough!’ motto, it’s… well, just that.

I know I don’t ‘need’ to lose weight. I don’t ‘need’ to be more sociable, write more, travel further or spend longer on my eyebrows. I am pretty alright just the way I am. I don’t need to be new. Instead, I have a list of things I want to do better – to make me healthier, more responsible and mentally happier.

I haven’t got a start date (which is why this post wasn’t published alongside all the others on the 1st). Nor will I completely evict sugar and autofocus from my days. But there are quick fixes and development areas that I think will add a little more sparkle and direction into my life… plus if I write it down I have to do it right?

girl on beach

girl beach cabana

girl cabana beach

girl beach cabana

So here we go…

Look after my skin.

Work out what the hell toner does. Wash my face every night. Drink more water. Clean my makeup brushes more than never. Use face masks. Scrub. Moisturise.

Read more.

Travel stories. Trustworthy news. Inspiring books. Bestsellers. My favourite blogs. Blogs I might like. Blogs I haven’t discovered.

Eat less refined sugar.

In fast food. In prepared food. In chocolate. In my morning porridge.

Reduce waste and plastic.

Use a washable face cloth. Trial a Mooncup. Buy food from grocers and butchers. Use a non-spray deodorant. Recycle everything. Research what else can be done.

Make more time.

For others. For myself. To get fit so I can hike with confidence. To text back. To write letters back. To check in. To take walks. To be patient. To be less serious. To chat. To cuddle. To laugh.

Put less pressure on myself.

In writing. In blogging. On social media. In doing everything at once. In exploring everywhere before I’m with child. In exploring only new places. In trying every new opening in London. In capturing everything. In not capturing everything. In finding my dream job.

Write better less often.

Proofread. Proof-publish. Reread it. Again. Take a break.

Be brave.

Behind the camera. In front of the camera. With new people. In adventures. By saying no. By being honest. By admitting when I’m wrong. Without denying what makes me unhappy. In being you.

girl beach pose

girl beach happy cabana

Swimsuit – UK Swimwear

Beach Blouse – UK Swimwear

Do you have any goals for 2018? I’d love to hear them!

Swimsuit and beach blouse complimentary from UK Swimwear.



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